Sunroom–before and after

It’s taken me eight months of scouring Craig’s list, painting, and sewing to get this far–but I’m pretty happy with it. I envisioned it kind of a mix of beachy and Gustavian–relaxed, tranquil, pale. And that’s what it’s turned out to be. All I have left are three more round linen cushions to make for the dining chairs. I thought you might enjoy sharing my journey in photos.

This was our first Craig’s list purchase–$150 for the 6-pc. set, very well made, great cushions, terrible fabric.

2013-07-07 11.02.51

This is the painting of the rattan in progress.

2013-09-11 20.09.48

Then began the biggest challenge–making the linen cushion covers. I bought the 100% grey-blue linen at a fantastic fabric outlet in town for 50% off. Total cost for fabric was probably $100.

2013-12-18 00.16.41

Next we found a small dining set for $100 on Craig’s list. The paint got damaged in the truck ride home, so I had to repaint the top of the table and touch up the chairs. I loved the lines of this set. It’s Oak so it weighs a ton. We did also buy a little electric stove to extend the seasonal use of this room.

2013-09-11 20.09.58

In the past few weeks, I found a rattan tea cart–just what I was looking for–again on CL–for $60. Painted it white to match and voila. It will be handy when we eat out here.

2014-05-31 01.44.38

To keep the brightest sun out in midday and to soften the room, I found a set of four white batiste curtains at a thrift store that were in perfect condition and just the right size–all 4 panels for $16! I thought I would have no trouble finding ones to match, they were from Penney’s–but not so. These are semi-sheer, which I now know is hard to find. But when I was at Ikea–buying the last piece for this room–a Swedish plate rack ($60)–I ran across some twin sheets ($5 each) that were exactly the same fabric and the right size. I hemmed them to match the others and now the two walls that get sun all have soft white curtains.

2014-05-31 01.46.22

As I said, the last addition was the plate rack.

2014-05-31 01.45.06

So, here’s the final product–lots of work but worth it. Proof you can pull together a great room on a small budget. I still have a floor lamp to paint white, but this is pretty much done. We’re spending our mornings and evenings here. All the windows open to screens so you can hear the sounds outdoors, which is so peaceful. My next project is the little deck right outside this room. I have big plans, and a small budget!

2014-05-31 01.44.28

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