PhotoFunia-25c60e5Hi there! And now…a little about me.

1) I adore Gustavian style–the French lines and the Swedish reserve; the light, cloud-colored palette; the subtle sheen; the simple elegance. But alas, the house I moved into is all wood inside and I’ve had to learn to embrace country French decor instead. I’ll live…

2) I also love “thrifting”–something I did years ago and have recently gotten back into. It’s a past time that’s somewhere between a scavenger hunt and Aladdin’s Cave…always surprising and full of neglected treasures. It never breaks the bank, and it makes you feel great to recycle used items. It’s a thrill to transform these finds into something splendid, and then share it on this blog.

3) I make jewelry–using vintage beads and findings–that’s inspired by the Upper East Side in the 50’s, Portabello Road, and the golden age of Hollywood. I idolize Miriam Haskell’s designers. My Etsy shop is called Gemnorde.

4) I’m a Pinterest addict (Violet Hoarder); a lavender junkie; a lover of England, France, and Italy; a Norwegian; a cook; a poet; a huge fan of novels about India and almost any historical fiction; a gardener; a meditator; a yoga practitioner; a reader of The Guardian and The Sartorialist (deeply shallow); a longtime Eastenders fan; a fervent admirer of Venetian Pinot Grigio; a really amateur photographer; and a hundred other things that make no money but keep me happy.

If you like what you see here, feel free to comment or tell me about your own projects. You can also follow me here on Pinterest.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. You are a woman after my own heart. Thrift shopping is so much fun – cheap retail therapy. I have made fabulous finds – some quite valuable. But it really is all about the thrill of the chase – and then what you do with your amazing discoveries. Virginia

  2. I just stumbled onto your site via serendipity, and kept myself busy for quite some time – I love it!! I saw you were making molds from a frame detail by mixing two clays together, which is exactly what I need to do to restore a very old family photo frame. Could you enlighten me as to what this magical stuff is called – perhaps a favoured brand name? I live abroad and don’t have all the popular hobby stores, but ebay or amazon will hopefully provide what I need…

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