Full swing


The garden’s in full swing now and we’re loving it. We’ve harvested a few tomatoes already, and here’s the first batch of gourmet lettuce from thinning out the wine box planters. The wildflower garden has shifted from lupines to daisies…and … Continue reading

Humble violets


Spring has endless charms–lilacs, angelique tulips, Siberian iris, peonies. And one of my favorites–the humble violet. I’ve collected a few different colors over the years and they never cease to cheer up the garden before most other plants are blooming. … Continue reading



There was this kid from Minneapolis, came from nothing special. Today he died and google turned purple. Musicians and celebrities world-wide shared their shock and grief. Nearly 3 million tweets about him in the half-hour after his death was announced. … Continue reading



I’ve been inspired by those long lovely Chanel chains for this summer set of necklaces, which incorporates two kinds of vintage art glass beads. Reminds me of a daisy studded meadow.

The Algonquin


This is just the kind of understated elegance that would have appealed to the witty women of the Algonquin Round Table. Plus, it’s in the 2016 colors of the year, pink and blue! Soon in my Gemnorde Etsy shop.