Painted Ladies

I walked out the front door yesterday to be mobbed by Painted Lady butterflies, who had been attracted to my sedum. This cloud of flutter has been going on for a week now. The photo captured only the ones who hadn’t flitted away at my presence, a fraction of the total. What a lovely sight!

IMG_7989 (2)

Next I’m showing you a work in progress…the huge gap left by two mature trees we had to take down because of storm damage. It used to be this garden! What you don’t see are the bright blue squill which nearly covered it in early spring and the many bleeding hearts that bloomed next.


This is how it looked after the two trees came down and the stumps were dug. Sad, eh? The two large stump holes were each about 2.5 feet deep! We had to fill it with scores of bags of black dirt. I thought it would never end.


But now I’ve started filling in plants, thanks to end-of-season perennial sales and our well-timed local plant swap (that is such a fun event twice a year–like a boot sale for gardeners only everything people bring is free).

IMG_7994 (2)

I’m trying to stick to a white/pink/blue/lavender scheme but there are some sundrops scattered in the middle that have sprung back to life. The tall white and pink phlox at the very rear are past theeir bloom now, but they should perk up next year. I’ll show you what it looks like next season!


One thought on “Painted Ladies

  1. I had such a lovely walk in your garden, Gayle. I looked longingly at the water. All so very calm and beautiful, and so important in this harried life that surrounds us all. Cheers

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