Londinium, Farewell

The last day, we spent hours in the fascinating Museum of London not far from St. Paul’s. I’m always impressed at the sophistication of Roman architecture and the large exhibition on the Roman founding of Londinium bears that out. Heated floors, beautiful community baths, spacious Thames-side storage warehouses, comfortable interiors, ingenious machines.



That museum is one not to be missed. The whole history of London rolls out before you.

Then we strolled to the the nearby St. Batholomew’s Arch (leading to a much-photographed 12th century church) where blind Milton hid in a tenement belonging to friends for three months in the 1660’s to escape capture.

st.bartholomew's arch

Right around the corner is the massive Smithfield Market–a fine Victorian building that’s now the largest wholesale meat market in Europe. (But you have to get there starting at 3 a.m. to see it in action.)

smithfield market

And of course, we made time for a last tipple in England.

smithfield pub

As exciting as London was–all the crowds, diversity, and mercantile bustle–I have to admit it was good to come home to the peace and quiet of the lake and my garden!


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