Last Look

A few more London adventures.

I’ve been going to Portobello Road Saturday antique market for 30 years, but I probably won’t go again. I’m not sure what accounts for the huge decrease in volume and quality of antiques available there–maybe sellers have found Ebay and other online venues more profitable. But it is a shadow of its former self. The crowds were definitely down as well, although it was still hard to move with any speed.

However, I did find a wonderful vintage jewelry shop I’d forgotten about at the corner of Portobello Road. Extraordinary collection, but too pricey for me to buy pieces to remake. It was like a little museum!



An even more delightful experience was our Sunday trek through West Hampstead Heath (we’d only meandered through the larger East Heath earlier) and the discovery of Inverforth House and its public hill and pergola gardens. Best gardens yet–gorgeous massive pergola that stretches for 2-3 blocks that was the site of the owner’s garden parties. This photo captures only one small corner of the elevated pergola gardens that overlook the heath. This part of the heath is calmer than the east side.


The gardens are public, but Inverforth House itself is still privately owned–a gated community made up of several families and surrounded by a very tall box hedge (and guard dogs). Here’s another section of the pergola, along with my better half.

L on westheath

Another section of the hill gardens.


We also visited The Spaniards Inn–a very old pub just north of the heath. And I have to say, the lager was every bit as good as I remember. We had some very nice pub breaks this trip. (I am only a beer drinker in England and Denmark, can’t resist.)

Spaniards Inn

Another day we made the pilgrimage to Blackfriars Pub–a wonderful art deco pub I always try to enjoy a pint in.


And finally, a few of the stunning English roses I’ve drooled over.

HH rose






2 thoughts on “Last Look

  1. I’m imagining this growing latitude is not far from yours. So verdant. Large palm trees, buddleia that grow like weeds, lavender, rosemary trees, mallows, etc. Every time I come here, I feel impoverished as a northern gardener! I’ve positively given up on roses…

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