We were eating dinner last night and I saw this big whoosh of bird fly into the glass and drop down to the rocks below–accompanied by a loud thud. We rushed over to the window and saw this juvenile hawk re-composing himself.


He looks small here but he was over a foot tall. We think he’s a Cooper’s Hawk. We watched him for 10 minutes to make sure he wasn’t really hurt. But when he started to fly again he turned and flew right into the lower level window! (We’ve put streamers on our house to warn birds not to fly into these windows but nothing seems to work. We’ve already had a finch fatality this year.)

So, I went down to the lower level to frighten him off in the right direction toward the lake, but before I did that I snapped his portrait through the window. A few seconds later I tapped the glass and he flew off in the right direction. Lesson learned I hope!



4 thoughts on “Thud!

  1. We have a lot of bird strikes with our back of the house being almost all glass high over water. We have found if they are small and knocked out if we hold them gently cupped and blow into their nostrils about 50% will come out of it. Never tried it with a raptor though 😊 We were also told by a birding expert it is possible that when they continuously strike they likely see their own reflection and consider it a threat to their area. Good job on the rescue!

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