The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Life on the lake means you see both sides of nature. This week I saw two giant (3 ft. shells!) snapping turtles mating, wrestling around in the water for more than an hour. It was not pretty–twisting, turning, a huge paw comes up and smashes down, an enormous prehistoric head stretches out on a long neck, unidentifiable pink body parts emerge, and the slow, clumsy process seems to go on forever. Yuk.

As for the bad–we’ve been waiting eagerly for wood ducks to hatch so we could see them bounce down from their high box, which is nailed to our tree, to get to the lake. But this week we woke up to broken egg shells and tons of feathers at the base of the tree. It had all been dragged out by a hungry racoon who ate the eggs. We even installed pad locks on the side doors to the nests after this happened 2 years ago. But the varmints crawled in through the door hole this time. Afterward, the duck hen wandered around the yard aimlessly and sailed up and down in front of our house for a few days. Sad.

But, at the end of the week, we were treated to an extraordinary sunset–something out of a Maxfield Parrish painting!(I did not adjust any color.)

2017 LL

And it’s been wonderful to see the herons and egrets steadily patrolling our lakeside morning and evening, and the swans have been here nearly every day. When they take off in flight it’s just stunning–but I can never get a photo!



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