All is Lost

I woke up at 8 this Sunday morning to a navy sky with a wall of green approaching. It was dark as night and the storm came on so fast I barely had time to get dressed. For the next 15 minutes we went to the basement for safety and listened to hail blown with 70 mph winds against our windows, with the crack of tree limbs falling on the roof and in the yard. I was sure the windows would break. Then the electricity went out. And our “wonderful” electric company says we’ll be without power for 4 days. Luckily, we have a small generator so that’s keeping the frig going and some lights and our wifi.

Once the storm had passed, we went out to assess damage and I started crying. Every area of my garden was ruined. The hydrangeas were just broken stalks–all the leaves and flower heads ripped off. What hosta leaves were left on plants were completely shredded. Out of 26 delphinium spears ready to burst into bloom, I only have 3 still standing. My wildflower gardens were all flattened, stems broken at ground level. The tomato plants too. My lettuce leaves were beaten into the earth.



You couldn’t see our front lawn or driveway because they were carpeted with leaves. Three very large limbs and hundreds of small branches come down. Hours later, on our deck, piles of hail still hadn’t melted. Northeast of us, they had to use snowplows to clear hail from the streets.  This gardening season is over, and I’m doubtful everything will even come back next year. So discouraging.


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