The Swan Family

We usually get a few swans on the lake in the spring for a few days and in the fall–probably on their way to a much larger lake just south of us. But this year, Sidney the signet and his parents have settled in for two weeks. They are like huge white cruiseships next to the geese and variety of ducks. These are trumpeter swans and once you’ve heard them it’s easy to see how they got their name!


Sidney’s on the right–he’s not pure white yet. In the past few days his parents have been gone. I guess they got him to the lake safely and now he’s on his own. Actually, Sidney could be Sigourney, what do I know! hope s/he finds a mate and stays around. They are so elegant.


2 thoughts on “The Swan Family

  1. We’ve had a large flock of swans in the field down the road from us. As the days went by there would be fewer and fewer of these breathtakingly beautiful birds. The foraging has been good so I believe they were reluctant to continue their journey north. A treat to see them so close. Your photograph is gorgeous. XX Virginia

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