Fall clean-up

I’ve been struck by an autumnal compulsion to clean out the house, so boxes are flying to resale shops and charity shops…and some just end up in the rubbish. We need so much less than we used to (or did we EVER need this much). It feels just great, like losing 20 pounds.

I’ve also been gardening like a fiend to get everything ready for winter, and I’m nearly there. Just need to chop down the zinnias, mums, and snapdragons when they finish blooming or are frozen–whichever comes first. I’ve even got my bulbs in this year. Typically, I end up doing that in November when there’s a freezing wind and my hands are turning blue.

One sure sign of impending cold weather is the bank of geraniums I bring in to winter- over. (Others I just pull up and let dry then replant next year. They are so hardy.) They occupy a ledge by a window, and it’s very cheery to see them during the long snowy months.


And I finally got around to doing something with all those roses, hydrangeas, and lavendar I dry throughout the year, mostly from faded bouquets.


Actually, this is a stunning time of year on the lake. The light is spectacular. At about 4 pm the sun streams in our living room and illuminates everything in gold.


For many reasons, this is a very tense time in this country–and the world. But for me,  looking out on the relentless beauty, creativity, and interdependence of nature is a balm for my soul. I hope you have a place to experience that same kind of peace.


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