Full swing

The garden’s in full swing now and we’re loving it. We’ve harvested a few tomatoes already, and here’s the first batch of gourmet lettuce from thinning out the wine box planters.


The wildflower garden has shifted from lupines to daisies…and now also cone flowers.


Here’s the front patch, which only had tall ornamental grass (tons of it, most of which I dug up and gave away last fall) and peonies when we moved in three years ago. This has been a labor of love–I wanted a cottage garden in the suburbs. Alot of this was from seed this spring–cosmos, zinnia, bachelor buttons, poppies, forget-me-nots.


And here are the delphiniums at their best a few weeks ago–you an see a few remnants toward the left  in the photo above. They were jaw-dropping!


Thanks to my mom, who taught my brother and I to love planting and watching things grow. Such a wonderful and joyous lesson!



One thought on “Full swing

  1. Your delphiniums are magnificent. I am pea green with envy. For some reason delphiniums do not grow well here on the West Coast. Growing up in Northern Saskatchewan delphiniums always made a splendid showing in the garden. You do have a truly beautiful garden.

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