Summer on the Lake

I’ve been busy watching nature unfold around here–birth ad death and everything in between. Every day brings a little drama–painted turtles laying eggs in the yard, crayfish and baby duck remains (hawks and eagles), four gorgeous egrets and as many great blue herons, pesky muskrats chewing my lilies by the edge of the lake and rabbits devouring my rudbeckia and asters. We’ve caught three bunnies already and transported them to a big park over the water, but there’s a family holed up under our neighbor’s wood pile and I think they just keep breeding. Oh and we have a Baltimore oriole family nesting in a Basswood, and a robin in our little birch. There are three families with ducklings, which I love watching. But there are also geese, which I don’t like watching–their young look like prehistoric ostriches.

The garden is flourishing with all the regular rain we’ve had–just nice rain, no bad storms yet. The lupine had their couple of weeks in of absolute glory. The peonies and climbing rose are just finishing up, and the six delphinium I planted this year are starting their parade of purple and sky blue.


The first bloom of lavender is coming on, and I’ve seen some wildflower action–daisies, columbine, wild phlox, and sweet William. All in all, I’m happy with it all. Especially the  mum, zinnia, cosmos, and forget me nots I put in where we had to remove a dead peewee hydrangea tree last year. The wildflower border I put in along the garage has come along nicely, too.

I’ve had time in the past week to get back to making more Christmas ornaments for the December art festival sale. If you follow this blog, you may remember I made a bunch of clay frozen Charlottes a few years ago, and I’ve never found a way to use them. So, I created some angel ornaments with them, using vintage trims I had on hand and some wooden wings (100 for a dollar at a thrift store!).


My next project is to recreate some of those old tinsel Victorian ornaments. I found silver and gold metallic pipe cleaners at the dollar store and just lightly sprayed them with dark brown metallic paint to antique them. Worked great, so stay tuned.

I’ve also finished two necklaces that were in progress–Charlotte and High Tea.



Now I’m eager to get going on some new pieces using the beads I got in New York. Hope you’re having a wildly creative early summer too. (Solstice in only a week away!)



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