The Charms of Manhattan

We just got back from a few jam-packed, high energy days in New York City. What you can do and see there is a wonder. Here are some of the shots I took as we wandered around soaking it all up. What I failed to shoot is the vintage jewelry supplies warehouse I visit every time I’m here–a giant midden of treasures. I got so caught up in my relentless four-hour hunt for chains, filigree, pearls, and beads that I forgot to take a photo–which is a shame because it’s like no place else!

Our first stop was the Natural History Museum. I NEVER get tired of seeing this place. It is astounding and somehow strangely reassuring–to be reminded of our place in the long continuum of living history.




We were so close to Central Park that we took a couple of hours to roam through on an exceptionally lovely day, and sat down in the shade to watch the boaters.


Then I took a stroll through the flower district, watching those lucky penthouse owners snap up enormous trees and pots and every kind of flower imaginable.


The next day we went to Chelsea Market, where I rediscovered the long lost joy of eating crepes (I’m now determined to start making them myself). This is a lighted archway within the sprawling market.


Right down the block is the High Line, and I wanted to see the spring flowers in the Chelsea section–crowded walking but so refreshing!


That night we ate a fabulous meal at Ocabanon–superb lobster bruschetta, seafood pasta, and black truffle risotto.

Next day I revisited Little Italy and Chinatown–so many years since I’ve been there–lots has changed. But there’s still great chaotic street life. A very different vibe than uptown.


Manhattan has awe-inspiring old buildings, but alas there are too many sterile high rises cheek to jowl with them. A great example is the shot below. Walking along the High Line you can see that the next big gentrification push is Hudson Yards–they can’t build posh towering residences fast enough.


I would love to do a photo essay of shoes on the subway–you see everything from bespoke shoes that cost thousands of dollars to 10-inch heels to worn out brogues, work boots, flipflops. It’s like a cultural snapshot. Where I live it’s pretty much athletic shoes and snow boots. The other fascination is hair styles–shaved heads, manbuns, 40″ tiny braids on only one side of the head, hair in all colors, shapes, and sizes. What a fun city!


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