Spot the Toad


That title could either be a command or his name! I was rooting around in the garden today (it’s chilly and windy) and caught this napping toad snuggled down into the earth. He was very cooperative during the photo session–barely opened his eyes. What a beauty! I’ll see a lot of these during the season, some no bigger than my little fingernail–they never cease to make me smile. Their camouflage is amazing.

And here’s another harbinger of what’s to come! Hope things are in bloom where you are.



One thought on “Spot the Toad

  1. Lucky you – to find a toad in your garden. I am always thrilled to pieces when I spy one. We have lots of frogs. We are surrounded by drainage ditches. They sing to us at night. But toads … they are a rare sight. XX Virginia

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