Pink Tree

One last ruffled crepe paper tree–this time in pink. Laced with clear glitter, which you can’t really see well in the photo. My last Christmas craft until next fall.


On the home front–my husband woke me this morning, raised the shades, and handed me a pair of binoculars. Right there in our neighbor’s back yard was a large, very robust looking, very red fox gnoshing on a rabbit. The fox was beautiful, fat and sassy. He sat there for 5 minutes then shot away with his meal.

We see quite a bit of tooth and claw at close range here. Two days ago a huge red-tailed hawk sat on the lowest branch of a tree in our backyard for a few minutes then flew off in slow motion with a dead squirrel in its talons. These hawks are hard to miss against the snowy backdrop–big hunched lumps on the branches.

The snow melted off rooftops last night and now we have puddles in the back yard. Good to be able to walk outside again after the terrible cold snap. Such fresh air!


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