Felt light bulbs

Yes, it’s true. I saw something like these on Pinterest, but they were made out of calico for spring and there was no glitter involved. (I have become a glitter addict.) Decided to make some out of spare felt I had on hand and add them to my ornament stash for next year’s Christmas sale. I made six sets of eight bulbs each. They would look darling strung on a tree or as a swag on a window or mantel. They turned out so well I hate to give them up!


To make them, I drew an outline of an old fashioned bulb, cut it out of different colors of felt, stitched them up on my sewing machine, stuffed them, and hand gathered the bottoms into a little knot then pushed the bottom up into the stuffing a bit. I bought some little wooden spools (24 for $1,79 on sale) at a craft store, mod-podged golden glitter on them, hot glued green twine in the holes and then hot glued the bulbs on the other end of the spools. Darling, no?



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