It has been VERY cold here for the past week–all subzero. And after two glorious days of temps in the 20s–we’re about to dive back to -19 degrees on Saturday night! But we grin and bear it…and distract ourselves however we can.

A little surprise in the basement closet this week, where I store my exotic plants over the winter. My bougainvillea started blooming! Believe me that wild color is a delight when you’re surrounded by white and more white.


Two days ago, I looked outside and there were a pair of red foxes trotting down the middle of the street, very nonchalantly. They rounded the corner and kept going. I was so in awe I picked up my camera too late to get both of them in the picture, but here’s one at least. The other one was walking on the other side out of sight. (I’ve discovered that you can either live life or document it, rarely both.)


One of my pastimes during this Saskatchewan Slap has been returning to the holiday ornament making. This time I made tiny nosegays. And a wonderful crepe paper snow tree. I used my sewing machine’s ruffler attachment to pleat the crepe paper and it worked like a charm. It’s very sparkly with crystal glitter all over it, and little white paper roses, also with glitter. I didn’t expect to love it so much!



As for entertainment, I’ve binged on “Mozart in the Jungle” about a fictitious new York symphony, and highly recommend it. It won best comedy at the Golden Globes, but it looks like season three won’t come out until early 2017! Rats.

Hope it’s warmer where you are!




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