Swans and hedgehogs


This is unheard of. It’s Dec. 14 in Minnesota and the lake is still open water and this morning the swan family came back! Usually by this time we’re under three feet of snow with lakes frozen enough for skating and ice fishing. I’m selfishly loving el nino, but fearing what it means for the next generation.

I’ve been moving right along with ornament making and now have started a hedgehog assembly line. Love these guys! I found this wonderful knitting pattern on Pinterest and make three yesterday. I had both yarns on hand from past projects, what luck! Nine more of these sweeties are on their way, but I have to take time out to knit a mohair hat. (More on my passion for hedgehogs in a future post.)


A few years ago, I bought three gigantic balls of a very pretty raspberry colored mohair for $3  and I’m determined to “get ‘er done” as Iowa farmers say. In addition to a slouch hat, I think a scarf is in the offing. Then I can start on the fantastic purple mohair I got last year at the Textile Center garage sale. I am a true sucker for beautiful yarn.

I also made a prototype Norwegian elf, but I think he’s a bit too small– only about 3″. The next ones will be larger.


By the way, my husband thinks I’ve gone quite mad.

Oh, and today was a special 50% off day at the thrift store. I found some little treasures and spent only $5! Delighted to find this little cart (I collect these) from Portugal for $1!!!



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