Moss wreath


I decided to do a little more holiday decorating this year–in the Scandinavian vein. They like simplicity, with lots of red and white. Over the past few years I’ve been picking up a few Swedish and Norwegian Christmas decorations, which I just love. Last year I found a pair of Swedish him/her figure candlesticks that are vintage Ikea, and a German nativity tower–both at thrift stores for a few dollars!


Add to that a Norwegian twig reindeer and a traditional Swedish straw goat (garage sale finds) and a garland of Norwegian flags I made, and that’s the mantel this year.

But I needed a centerpiece. Scandinavians like moss for their decor–you see them use it in all kinds of arrangements. And I’ve been accumulating reindeer moss from the dollar store every time I see it. I also happened buy a green styrofoam wreath form at the thrift store for $1 last year–so I was all set to make a moss wreath. Easy. Just takes moss, a wreath form, and a glue gun. You glue it on in very small batches. Then I added a glittered banner and some felt tea pots my mom made years ago–plus a little Norwegian flag I had on hand.



So here’s the whole picture. Hope you’re having fun adding some holiday touches to your place.



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