Last glorious gasp

Before the frost came a few nights ago, I carried out my annual flower cutting ritual. I hate to cut them before it gets really cold because they’re so beautiful. But once I know they’re freeze-doomed, I relish gathering them in my arms. I didn’t empty the garden, and that was lucky because although it got down to 28 degrees, very little actually froze. This is turning out to be a lovely, long autumn up here.

IMG_4305The mums are outstanding! Last year, I happened on a temporary nursery set up in a parking lot that was tearing down around July 4 and selling everything left for 25 cents! I got 10 little mums in different colors. They always seem to do so much better when I plant them small and they have a chance to establish good roots. The larger ones you find in the fall tend to heave over the winters here. Every one of the 10 came back this year and grew into a wall of color. Here are the little bouquets that will keep autumn going for another week indoors.

IMG_4306I’ve also spent the past few weeks madly gathering seeds from everything I could and pulling up geraniums to bag them for next year. Ah, the frugal gardener!


2 thoughts on “Last glorious gasp

  1. Dear Gayle, These rituals we celebrate are important. Yesterday we also cleaned the last of the flowering dahlias out of the many pots on our front patio. Swept the fallen leaves away. Stored the big pots. It is always a bitter-sweet time. The last thing my husband did was put the last few flowers on Buddha’s lap. XX Virginia

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