Blue Paradise

I spotted these at my local nursery a month ago and my heart skipped a beat–Blue Paradise phlox. I’ve never seen such a deep purple blue variety before, but they were too pricey. They’re now on sale so I nabbed two of them!

IMG_4219I’m redoing two borders this fall. Last fall, along the south side of the garage, I planted rudbeckia every 2 feet (all eaten by rabbits this year so only a couple bloomed) but between them I’ve just added some native prairie flowers to create kind of an allee bordered by huge hosta one one side and prairie flowers on the other. Let’s hope the new rabbit deterrent I just bought works next year! This year my garden has been decimated. Four large hostas bitten down to the ground, all asters nibbled to nothing, coral bells felled, the list goes on and on. Ironically, I had to fence in my wildflower garden.

My other project is the front of the house–where a few rose bushes, ferns, and two azaleas weren’t providing enough color. So yesterday–after digging up 24 ferns and giving them away on Craig’s List, I picked up a dozen phlox from Craig’s List and planted them between the rose bushes and azaleas. Eventually, should make a nice show, with some annuals planted low in front.

Next up–adding a ruff of wildflowers and ornamental grass on the lawn side of the buffer of grasses, bushes, etc. along the lake shore, and adding a second smaller wildflower garden on a small hill out back. There was a chilly wind today, reminded me of what’s ahead. So I better get working!

Hope your garden–literal or figurative–is in full bloom!


2 thoughts on “Blue Paradise

  1. I share your pain dear girl. I love seeing the little dears but when they completely mowed down my first vegetable garden I actually sat down and cried. Now the garden is protected with a chicken wire fence (put up new every year) and my vegetables are safe. My front garden (which is mainly containers) is dahlias. For some reason our rabbits do not care for the leaves. They also don’t nibble on the leaves of my Casablanca and Stargazer lilies and my two rose bushes. So that’s what I grow. I’ve given up on everything else. Good luck Gayle. As we gardeners say “there’s always next year”.

  2. This is the first year of the bunny pestilence–I’m hoping it’s not a regular thing. But it could be because I think we’ve lost our foxes. I’m now trying coyote urine pellets. They’ve worked in the past when rabbits were a problem in other gardens, but oh, the initial aroma is hard to take.

    I envy you those lilies and dahlias. I’ve no place for them to thrive here. And yes, chicken wire to the rescue–not very attractive but oh so necessary! Do enjoy what’s left of this beautiful summer. Your roses will be into their final splendor soon.

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