Just back from our annual trip to Colorado and once again, my hiking boots are 50% dust. But it is always worth it. We went a couple of weeks earlier than usual this year and the wildflowers were better than ever. Weather was terrific, too. They’ve had lots of rain this year so things are lush. This is my favorite stand of Aspen going up to Independence Pass.


Farther up the pass, we hiked to one of our favorite alpine lakes where there was still snow on the opposite bank.


Wildflowers there were magnificent.


We also went farther afield this year to Rifle Mountain Park, where we eventually had to stop because we didn’t have a high enough carriage car and the roads were steep and deeply rutted. But breathtaking scenery. Colorado seldom disappoints in that.


And, as usual, we took in the Aspen Music Festival music tent concerts–the free part on the outside which offers unparalleled people watching AND fantastic music.


Here’s my better half enjoying the Sibelius violin concerto and looking up through the Aspen leaves at the cobalt blue sky. Pretty wonderful.


It’s a little disorienting to be back on the lake with no mountains in view. But my garden survived our absence much better than I predicted. We’re up to our knees in tomatoes!

Hope you have a chance to go to the mountains sometime soon!


3 thoughts on “Mountains

  1. Lucky lucky you! I haven’t been to Crete in 20 years but we had some wonderful adventures there…and very good food. There’s something very grounding about mountains..and humbling, too. Wilderness reminds us of human vulnerability, and the close relationship between birth and death. I hope you are weathering the crisis in Greece. We’ve been watching it all closely–so much history there, so much vitality and beauty. (Your art continues to inspire me!)

    • What’s disappointing is that eating out, as we do occasionally, can be exceedingly disappointing. They have all this fresh food and don’t know how to cook it. I can’t tell you how many appalling mousakas I’ve had! We’re surviving but the older I get, the less able I am at taking the heat. And the current generation just don’t know their history. Such a waste. Bless you for the compliment!

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