Jardin update

From my lack of posts, maybe you can tell I’ve been working a lot lately–not time for blogging! But it’s slowing down now, so I wanted to share a few updates of the garden.

First, my weeding progress on the south side of the garage among the cursed rocks–you can see that chickweed has taken over this year and my work is cut out for me. I’ve made steady progress but still have miles to go!

garden 3

Next, the wildflower garden which is four feet high and beyond my wildest expectations. It’s just coming into full bloom now, despite the fading of the many lupines which were gorgeous this year. There are shasta daisies, prairie cone flowers, bachelor’s buttons, black-eyed susans, all kinds of red an orange poppies, wild sweet william, and a few others I can’t name. Love it! And so do the legions of rabbits scouring the garden eating things I never believed they would or could! Thus the rabbit fence.

garden 6

garden 4

Then there’s the “farm” deck where I’m growing most of my herbs and greens this year.


And the upper patio pots.

garden 2

And a patriotic shot of some of my Heirloom tomatoes.

garden 8

And an in-progress shot of my late summer vision of nasturtiums tumbling over blue morning glories. Jury’s out on the success of this one! (I brought those terra cotta heads back from England years ago.)

garden 7

Hope things are growing great-guns in your garden, too!


One thought on “Jardin update

  1. I adore your prairie wild flower garden. So important for the bees and so important for us. There is something wonderful romantic but the non structure of this type of garden. Bravo!!!

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