Too many crowns

In the past few weeks I’ve felt like a queen with too many crowns. Here are just some of the riches I’ve been given.

  • ate our old-time favorite spring dessert–fresh strawberries and pound cake–with my mother
  • watched my hedge of six huge peonies explode into ruffled glory

2015-06-11 02.10.252015-06-11 02.11.12

  • saw a big turtle lay eggs in my back yard
  • shared fantastic blue corn and chili pancakes with cranberry orange sauce with a long-lost cousin I hadn’t seen since we were 8
  • watched a robin nest in a low evergreen turn from three sky blue eggs to chirping babies to empty (I miss them)
  • was given a beaded ankle bracelet from a new friend
  • marveled at the vivid wildflowers bursting from ditches along the highway on my way to visit mom (and the ones starting to bloom in my garden!)
  • finished reading a wonderful library book
  • watched herons and egrets stalk the lake edge while my husband and I ate in the sunroom one evening

None of these involved money. The real gift is just paying attention to the kindness and beauty in the world–even on rainy days! What riches have you been given lately?

And here’s my latest project. My mom gave me this little garden wagon years ago after using it herself for years. I finally dragged it out of the garage and decided to use it indoors instead of outdoors–weather here is so hard on things. I found a bunch of African Violets on sale and am now in love with the result.

2015-06-11 02.19.21


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