Wild Flowers

Thought you might enjoy a glimpse of what’s going on right now in my wildflower and other garden areas.

2015-06-05 21.22.512015-06-05 21.22.572015-06-05 21.29.05IMG_0800-1

2015-06-05 21.24.222015-06-05 21.26.272015-06-05 21.23.59IMG_0816IMG_08172015-06-05 21.24.522015-06-05 21.25.51IMG_0821

Sensational day today but more rain this week…that’s why things are thriving!


One thought on “Wild Flowers

  1. Isn’t this simply the best time of year Gayle What joy flowers bring to our hearts and soul. I especially love wild flowers. There is a patch of cow parsley (Queen Anne’s Lace) that grows along our road. I watch for it to bloom then swoop down and pick big bouquets. It is a challenge for our dear neighbors are Dutch dairy farmers and they believe in keeping everything neat and trim – even the verge on the road. Cheers Virginia

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