The Blue Door

Last year, I spruced up the little vestibule that leads to our front door by installing a pine bench, a pine shelf/coat rack, and some baskets on the shelf–oh, and adding blue indoor/outdoor carpeting. But the ugly tan doors (one to the house, one to the garage) needed help.

2013-10-29 22.48.48

So, I whipped out my paintbrush and painted the door to the house rustic French blue and the door to the garage rustic french yellow. With the pine walls, it’s looking a little more like Provence!

Oh what you can do with paint! I wish I could show you the whole space, but the camera just can’t capture a room this small.

Here’s the yellow door in progess (took two coats) and the finished blue door (haven’t removed the blue painters tape yet).

2015-05-30 02.42.32

2015-05-30 02.43.13



5 thoughts on “The Blue Door

      • I can say this now. All is well with me. However 8 weeks ago I had a mastectomy. Cancer had returned and the surgery was necessary. All is now clear – no chemo – no radiation. I am smiling. Cheers Virgina

  1. I am so happy to hear about these results. I am smiling, too! Hope you will start blogging again sometime soon. Thanks for letting me know. I was concerned at the absence of your wonderful voice.

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