lys de la vallée

Another thrifting find–two finely crafted white bone china vases–each in two pieces, a little stand and an egg-shaped vase. Both pieces are decorated in the most beautiful lily of the valley bas relief design. Loved them the minute I spotted them–$2 each. They look nice with my thrifted artificial grape hyacinths. I used to have lilies of the valley growoing at all of my past homes but they’re so invasive I haven’t planted any here. I do miss little bouquets of them in the spring though.

2015-04-19 00.23.55

The garden here is VERY SLOW, or maybe I’m just ahead of myself this year because the weather’s been so warm–but also windy and dry. Things are coming on at a snail’s pace. Several hyacinths, squill, and some small bright daffodils are in bloom–that’s all. I see trilllia,  columbines, Star of Bethlethem, violets, Viginia bluebells, and bleeding hearts have at least made an appearance. And the wildflower garden I put in from seed last year is covered with tiny green shoots like fur. I’m betting lots are poppies, but I counted a dozen returning Lupine, too, so I”m encouraged. The lilacs all look great. Can’t wait for those!


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