Last week

One day last week, here is what 9 am looked like…

2015-04-09 21.42.50

and here’s 3 pm the same day…

2015-04-10 00.16.51

and here’s the sunset.

2015-04-04 08.07.24

Welcome to Minnesota!

But nothing stopped me from volunteering at the annual Textile Garage Sale again. I donated a ton of fabric and bought a few toile, blue onion, and good old fashioned gingham pieces.

2015-04-11 06.20.04What an event. There must have been 40 huge bags of raw sheep wool this year–in addition to mounds of yarn. First time I’ve seen that. We all need to get carding and spinning. I did pick up a pack of purple mohair–can’t seem to resist that stuff. Good for a hat I think.

Today the weather is perfect but we need rain badly. I think some is on the way. Time to get out into the garden!


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