I’ve been looking for one of these Christmas towers for two years now in thrift shops. I’ve seen a few but they were all missing the top blades or other pieces and they were a tad expensive. But last week I happened upon a perfect one for $4!

2015-04-06 04.05.08

We had one of these when I was a child and I never tired of watching the candle heat spin the blades and figures around. Now that I’ve REALLY downsized our Christmas decor (sold 8 bags and 4 boxes when we moved) I needed one more focal piece to decorate for the season–and this is it!

On the same outing, I found this lovely 100% wool giant paisley throw (Pottery Barn label still on it) for $3! This will help “rosy” up the white sofa for the holiday season. It’s now washed and in perfect condition.

2015-04-06 04.05.33


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