Seed crazed

These are just a few of the seed packets I’m going to plant as soon as it’s safe here. I waited so patiently for the seed catalogs to come but they were very late, so I just bought these locally as I saw them. Some will help restore the wildflower garden, although my better half is bringing home Colorado wildflower seeds from his ski trip–so that will do the trick, along with the seeds I gathered last fall from that garden. I think I may just sow some of those along the perimeter of the lawn in the ruff of grasses and reeds that border the lake. Another experiment.

2015-03-22 23.37.12

Garden clean-up has begun, and seems endless right now, so much to do to even prepare for planting. But it’s fun to uncover things and see the tiny green shoots. Sadly, my lavender plants look awful–I just can’t seem to get them established in this soil. I’m not sure I would grow happily in this soil. I’ve enhanced it but it doesn’t seem to help much. We’ll see. On the other hand, every single mum (about 10) I planted at the last minute before frost (transferred from pots) made it through! That will help with color this fall. Too early to see whether the delphiniums survived. I’m eager to see the “Rudbekia Lane” I tried to create last year on the south side of the house.

I’m determined to do kitchen gardening in pots this year, since we have no sunny place to put a permanent vegetable plot. But it will give me a chance to use some large pots that were ignored last year. Hoping to grow  heirloom tomatoes, lettuces, green onions, squash, cucumbers, peppers, and all my usual herbs.

Now what we desperately need is RAIN!


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