Sailor’s Valentine

I’ve wanted to create a sailor’s valentine for quite a while. I’ve been collecting shells for years, for a valentine box and for a large mirror frame I had in mind. At least I finally got one of those projects done.

I found the box last year for $2 at a thrift store. It was unfinished wood, about a foot long, well-made with a raised rim around the edge of the top–perfect for setting shells. Last week I starting trying out designs. By this point, I’d already stained and sealed the wood with a mixture of milk and brown pigment.

2015-03-20 04.59.29

Then I painted it with white chalk paint and continued experimenting with designs.

2015-03-23 22.41.02

I finished it this week, using a small glue gun to glue every single piece down (time consuming, but worth it). When I can open up a window or two (yes, still coldish here) I’ll use clear finishing wax on the box. A fun project–but I think I’m letting go of the large mirror frame project and selling the mountain of shells I’ve hoarded. Although, in going through them all for this project, I was again awed by the infinite beauty and variety of nature.

2015-03-24 01.15.44

2015-03-24 01.15.37


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