Spring sprang sprung

Remember my thrifted fall centerpiece?  Well, here’s a new one for spring–also thrifted for a total of–wait for it–$2!!!

I bought the ivy-twined twig basket for $1 before Christmas and last week just got a big bag of short-stemmed silk flowers for $1. I poked flowers into the moss-covered styrofoam that was already in the center of the basket and whoosh–it was done. I love it!

2015-03-14 02.13.34

2015-03-14 02.13.47

I dragged my ratty garden clogs from the top shelf of the potting shed garage today and clapped them on to do some fall leaf removal. The first gardening of the year. Signs of life in the wildflower garden, but too early for bulbs yet. This is a full month before I usually pull winter’s debris off the garden, but it’s been 65″ for days and I’m going to take a chance just with the wildflower garden. Looks like 6 of my 8 lavenders made it through this winter, but oh, the squat evergreens right in front of our house got terribly burned. Maybe from hardly any snow and very cold temps. Anyway, a new season has begun and it’s pretty exciting! Hope there’s spring in your corner of the world too.


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