Thrift store score

If you follow this blog you already know about my obsession with European ceramics–especially France, Italy, and Portugal. So, I wandered into a thrift store here today not really looking for anything specific and my jaw dropped when I saw this!

2015-02-20 07.26.47

I knew it was something special, probably Italian. The hand-painting and the glazes are superb. And it cost $7!! WOW–thrift stores are truly like Aladdin’s cave! Love it.


2 thoughts on “Thrift store score

  1. I AM COMING TO YOUR THRIFT SHOP!! The thrill of the hunt is what it is all about. I need new hunting grounds. I am bringing empty suitcases and chocolate truffles. What a find!!!!

  2. Wouldn’t that be wonderful! I’m very lucky to have three thrift stores nearby. Even in winter you can find such interesting things. These days, I put back much more than I actually buy. But you’re right–the hunt is all!

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