Beauteous bone broth

Two culinary firsts this weekend–my first bone broth and my first chicken pot pie. Both successes!

I’m so tired of buying chicken broth for all the soups and stews we make, so I froze two roasted chicken carcasses we had over a couple of weeks and made bone broth yesterday. Not hard, but long–it cooked on the stove (too big for the crockpot) from 11 am to 9 pm.  Here’s the recipe. I added a few more herbs and more pepper for flavor. It’s excellent for your health, so I’m going to drink a cup every day as well as use it in cooking. Which is good, because two chickens yield a lot of broth–as you can see! Very tasty.

2015-01-24 11.42.15

And the leftovers from one of those roast chickens became pot pie, which hit the spot on a cold Minnesota night. Here’s that recipe. (According to my husband the sous chef, I now know how to make bechamel sauce, too!)

Hip hooray for the organic chicken. A lovely meal, bone broth, pot pie, and enough left over for a chicken/egg noodle/artichoke casserole–what a bargain.


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