If wishes were horses

I don’t often wallow in self-pity about opportunities I don’t have. I lead a great life, not perfect by any means, but one I marvel at daily. However, this weekend, I read about two experiences I’m quite sorry not to be able to enjoy.



I love fresh, organic, interesting, well prepared food. I cook. My husband cooks. We eat very well. But this weekend I ran across a description of chef Magnus Nilsson’s Faviken tasting restaurant in Jarpen, Sweden (aka the middle of nowhere, and 34 on a list of the top 50 places to eat in the world). The dishes Nilsson invents are insane and use all kinds of  ingredients indigenous to northern Sweden. I’d dearly love to enter his world of haute food-play for an evening–but the cost and less-than-easy trip are both stomping on that dream. Alas, Magnus and I will never gather juniper branches, decomposing aspen leaves, and reindeer moss together. Sigh. Here’s a description of the place by a British food editor (source of the above photo).

Wolf Hall


Then in the New Yorker, I see that the Royal Shakespeare Company’s huge hit–Wolf Hall (based on Hilary Mantel’s novels)–which was a complete sell-out last year in London, is hitting Broadway in March for 15 weeks. I’ve read both books this two-part play is based on–ate them up like chocolate. The same sell-out fate is predicted for the US run–that “people will be lopping off heads to get tickets.” But I will be sitting right here, still waiting for spring. Another sigh. The good news is that eventually the BBC’s new 6-part drama based on the same two books is sure to be acquired by PBS. So, I’ll be patient. By the way, if you didn’t catch “The Hollow Crown” series of Shakespeare plays on PBS last year–be sure to watch for the new batch this year. They are superb! one of the many reasons I support public television.

All of this leads me to two burning questions. 1) Why isn’t there a New Scandinavian cuisine restaurant in Minneapolis–the US heart of Scandinavia and a city full of foodies? And why–with all our fantastic theater (touted the best theater offerings between coasts) do we not have an annual summer Shakespeare festival? Hmmm, if I were queen…


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