Signs of life

We’re never alone on our winter walks. Animal tracks weave here, there, and everywhere–dashing across the marsh from one thicket of reeds to another, tunneling in the snow, picking their way through the woods. It’s fascinating.

This dotted ribbon is probably a mouse or a vole.


Probably a muskrat–you can tell by the track of the dragged tail.


Probably a fox–their tracks are in a very straight line.

2014-12-03 23.17.04

Probably a squirrel.

2014-12-03 23.17.23

A rabbit?

2014-12-03 23.16.10

And here are three modes of human tracks on the frozen marsh–ski-skaters, cross country skiers, and walkers.


(You could do an interesting photo essay on the unique treads of all the different snow boots walkers wear. They’re almost art.)



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