Walk about

Yesterday, we ventured out into French Park and it was a revelation. All the waterways are frozen so you can get to vantage points you’ve never seen before. It was cold but so clear and lovely, I didn’t mind my frozen fingers from taking photos or my chafed face. It was very still, but I felt like everything around us was subtly vibrating with invisible life. In my next post I’ll share some of the wonderful animal tracks that lace through the paths and across the frozen marshes. But this time I just wanted to show some of the raw monochromatic beauty…and some wild turkeys (a flock of about 10) we crossed paths with at the entrance to the park.







Those sledders in the distance on the lake are dragging their tents and equipment to the perfect place, where they’ll set up camp and drill holes to fish.


2 thoughts on “Walk about

  1. My dear friend. How I enjoyed my time with you at French Park. To venture into spaces like this is an honour. So many people are crowded into cities and will never have an opportunity to enjoy nature – even in the cold. A happy Christmas to you and your family. XX Virginia

    • Oh, Virginia, I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your posts this year. The recipes and cooking advice are wonderful, but it’s your imagination, creativity, and beautiful writing that are the heart of your blog. I totally agree with you about getting out in nature. You and your loved ones enjoy a cozy, peaceful, joyous holiday season up there!

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