We’ve been on a climate rollercoaster up here. This is how it looked four days ago–98% of the snow was gone.

IMG_0629And here’s how it looks now. Temps went from the 50’s to the 20’s overnight, and have stayed there. Only one day of sun in the past week.

2014-12-20 00.01.20But the GOOD NEWS is that tomorrow is the shortest day of the year and after that, the sun sets later every evening. We’re supposed to get a real winter storm right before Christmas, so I’m clinging to the solstice for sanity. And because it’s celebration has such an interesting and long history.

This is how the druids of today do solstice in England. The green man (the essence of life) dies every year on the shortest day, but the lengthening days are proof he is returning.



The two solstices are axes not only of seasons but of contemplation. Tomorrow, light a candle, with gratitude for the earth’s (and your) chance to participate in a new cycle. If possible, spend the evening with friends and a meal that celebrates the earth’s generous harvest. Then go outside (dress warmly) and soak in the night. Let the past go, and just be still for 10 minutes. Feel the turning. Feel the beginning nestled in the end…


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