Winter skies

Despite the cold–today it’s a whopping 22 degrees F outside–or maybe because of it, the skies and clouds this winter have been quite dramatic–leaden hedges, peels of frosting, herds of lambs, boles of cotton. Many backed by the brightest aqua or deepest azure. Here’s what this morning looked like to the west–

2014-12-03 23.15.45

and to the east.

2014-12-03 23.19.11You’d hardly know it was the same sky. And here’s my husband the hockey player’s optimistic handiwork on the lake. This rink will be good for about a day before the next snow comes or the next thaw–lake hockey enthusiasts have a tough time in these parts! But, oh, they try…

2014-12-03 23.16.33The two great horned owls in the neighborhood are hooting duets every morning at about 4 am–their answers to each other get closer and closer in time until they are almost synchronous–that means owl-begetting time is very near!


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