House tour–the bedroom

Here’s the final stage of my “thrifty vintage decor” house tour–the master bedroom. We kind of gutted this room to make it bigger and multi-functional–removing the clutter of two little closets, a wall air conditioner, shelves, and a window seat. Then we had it painted white except for the beams, refloored in a grey faux wood, and added white cellular blinds. I think the biggest furnishing expenditure was the natural wool rugs. This is a sizable room now, and my goal was a sense of sanctuary, tranquility, and spaciousness. (I shot these photos moving around the perimeter of the room.)

2014-11-15 01.15.10The hutch is from Craig’s list. The picnic baskets and most other objects on the shelves are from thrift stores or are things I’ve made. The white end tables are from Ikea and the Ikea couch is  from Craig’s list (with a new cover I bought). Chandelier is from a local home DIY store.

2014-11-15 01.17.30I painted the tan chests (these two matching chests were from my parents bedroom long ago). Mirror was made from a frame rescued decades ago from a Brooklyn alley. The print of Champs du Mars I found at an art poster garage sale, and the glass lamp is from a thrift store.

2014-11-15 01.23.28I made the tufted headboard, painted the nightstands nickel (there’s an identical one on the other side of the bed), and added Ikea lamps. The floral sconces are from a thrift store (I painted them) and the map of Paris I made from a thrift store frame. The linen duvet cover is from Ikea.

2014-11-11 22.57.26The high boy is from our old house, the terrarium from Ikea (I made the Globe du Marie sitting inside it). I picked up the wooden angel at a European market years ago, and the needlepoint from an estate sale. The silver pieces are all from thrift stores, and I made the paper peonies. You can see my amaryllis are starting their journey toward a holiday bloom.

2014-11-11 22.57.17The chair/ottoman came from a garage sale years ago and had just been sitting in the garage waiting for its moment. I painted them grey and sewed cushion covers to match the headboard. The sheepskin is from Ikea and the Teddy bear was made by my mom many years ago.

2014-11-16 03.21.33This is the corner right outside the bathroom we enlarged. All the silverplate frames are from thrift stores, the French dormer window I got very cheap a few years ago at Tuesday Morning, the candlestick is one I painted from a thrift store and the steel ball is from a flea market. The chest is from our old house.

2014-11-16 03.22.01And here’s one shot of part of the new sinkroom. The little Venetian mirror, glass candle holder, and all the silver are from thrift stores. The basket was $. I painted it and added a distressed linen French sign to it. The little roses I bought in Paris from the premiere French silk flower creator. The cabinets and walls in this room are a warm dove grey.

It was great fun to roam thrift stores, garage sales, and Craig’s list to find all these bargains, but honestly–I’m glad it’s finished. Now, we can actually sit back and enjoy! Thanks for joining the tour. (Many of the DIY projects I’ve undertaken to create these rooms are detailed in past posts. This tour is also featured on Knick Of Time.)


8 thoughts on “House tour–the bedroom

    • Thanks so much Virginia. I’ve watched the sprucing up of the exterior of your home with great envy. It looks marvelous with the changes you’ve made. I’m hoping we can afford to tackle the outside in a couple of years. Paint can work such wonders! And thank you so much for guiding me to Celia’s farmy website! I’m loving her stories.

  1. I do too! The photo today of the new little boar and the caretaker dog (such look alikes) was adorable. Whe nI read her posts I feel like I’m in the middle of the most wonderful children’s book, and her writing–like yours–is superb.

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