Wildlife water ballet

I had to share this. For the past couple of weeks the Canadian geese have been gathering on the lake, constantly upending themselves to feed on the pond weed below the surface. It’s like watching a comical version of an Esther Williams water ballet. Bottoms up, everyone!

2014-11-06 23.03.19


6 thoughts on “Wildlife water ballet

    • Thanks Roberta. I never tire of watching the wildlife on this lake. But, while you are enjoying good weather down there, we’re frozen solid up here! An unending white blanket that will last until April. Many of the animals are long gone….sigh.

      • It’s a wonderful world we live in isn’t it! We’re facing a very hot and dry summer with a really strong threat of bush fires as we’ve enjoyed a couple of good winters so there’s abundant grass and vegetation.

        I’m wondering if you would mind if I use your image in a quarterly newsletter I write for a winery I work at here in Rutherglen? I would of course credit you and I’d title it Bottoms Up!

    • Fabulous! Whereabouts are you located? We do distribute into North America and our Muscats and Muscadelles are perfect for those who live near frozen lakes. Chambers Rosewood is the name of the winery.

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