House Tour 2

We came from a 1902 house with separate rooms for everything– formal foyer, a little parlour, a living room, a reading nook, a dining room, etc. So, it’s been an adjustment to move to a place where many of those functions take place in one large room. I still wish there were a division between the kitchen and dining area/living room–but this seems to be the modern concept of open floor plans.

The kitchen is on one end of the room. Across from it is a little matching bar area, and next to it are some shelves that display my ceramics collection, some of which came from thrift shops and estate sales.

2014-10-28 21.52.54

2014-10-30 22.35.32

2014-10-28 00.47.50

Off the kitchen area is a three-season sun room, which just became uninhabitable with the freeze and cold weather. It’s one of our favorite places. All the furniture (except the little stove)  is from Craig’s List. I painted everything white and made pale blue linen cushion covers. The plate rack is from Ikea. Most of the decor bits, and the curtains, are from thrift stores.

2014-10-28 00.46.23

2014-10-28 00.46.37

2014-10-28 00.46.56

Then in the middle of the main level there’s a dining area. The Pottery Barn Napoleon chairs we got through Craig’s List. (Typically, this table is piled high with papers, etc.)

2014-10-30 22.41.10

Right next to that is the living area. If you follow this blog, you know the middle table came from Craig’s list (so did the glass lamp). The French clock face, the cushion covers and framed needlepoints I made. The needlepoint lumbar pillows are from a thrift shop. Glass lamp, silverplate, mercury glass, and most picture frames also came from thrift shops. (There’s a glimpse of my current needlepoint project, which was also a garage sale find!)

2014-10-30 22.34.26Off the living room are our two offices–I dare not share a photo of my husband’s office. It’s chaotic. And mine’s not much better. But we both spend a lot of time in these rooms surrounded by our “stuff.”

2014-10-28 00.37.45

2014-10-28 00.38.09I’ll share shots of the bedroom in the next post. It’s our sanctuary and the only place I was able to execute my Gustavian vision!

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