Au revoir, Autumn

We’ve been spending as much time as possible outdoors during this unexpected second Indian Summer–lots of it just getting the yard and garden ready for winter. (Ugh.) But we’ve made time for long walks in the two nearby parks and a beautiful nature reserve. My camera’s been clicking like mad. I can’t seem to stop myself–it’s a form of holding on I guess. You can’t really capture the luxurious melancholy of fall–being inside a golden snow globe, the glow at twilight from the reddening oaks, the magnificent lavender sunsets on the lake, or the last rose. Still, I try.

2014-10-24 02.34.57

2014-10-20 02.15.33

2014-10-25 01.05.36

2014-10-25 01.03.41

2014-10-25 04.29.20

2014-10-25 01.07.05

2014-10-26 06.47.14The swans came in for two days last week. Such stately elegance. Usually they stay longer but this year is very different. Many fewer species of water fowl on the lake this fall. But the finches are everywhere, and the squirrels weigh 50 pounds each. Oh, and I’ve gotten so good at my horned owl imitation that I now can spook them out of a tree so I see them in flight.

We never planned to be on a lake but now I find myself wondering if I could ever again live in a house that wasn’t on water.


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