French Park

This morning, I went on a photo walk through gorgeous French Park,  about 4 minutes from our house. It surrounds three sides of Medicine Lake (I like that name). I regret  I’ve been too busy this summer finishing off the interior of the house to take full advantage of our outdoor  surroundings. But on this crisp perfect day,  I grabbed my camera and headed down there to catch a few last-gasp-of-autumn shots. The solitude was magical. Colors this year are subdued but I am infatuated with all the textural abundance of this season…even in my own garden. So here are some shots of Minnesota, folks. The western part of the Twin Cities, which is where I live, was originally woods, lakes, and marshland. As you can see, much of it still is. (The ducks taking off are small black coots.)

2014-10-08 23.02.55

2014-10-08 23.08.30

2014-10-08 23.11.28

2014-10-08 22.49.44

2014-10-08 23.16.22

2014-10-08 23.14.20

And from my garden…

2014-10-08 22.14.26

2014-10-08 22.14.05

2014-10-08 22.11.38

2014-10-08 22.13.13

2014-10-08 22.10.56

2014-10-08 22.08.47


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