A Nice Sunday

Now that I don’t have to keep regular hours during the week, I love Sundays. This one was especially rewarding. I got so much done! After croissants and cafe au lait (thank you, kind husband), I finished the back cushion for the Bonne Femme chair.  The covers are made from heavy, linen-like Ralph Lauren fabric that I happened to have on hand. (I tend to hoard nice fabric like my mom did.) The bottom cushion came with the chair, and I had a feather cushion just the right size for the back. So, this whole job cost me $12 for upholstery piping! Not bad. the needlepoint pillow is one of a few I bought years and years ago on sale for $10 each at TJ Maxx. Sorry about the quality of these photos, my camera must be having a tantrum.

2014-09-13 23.05.03

I also finished the cushion (Italian cotton velvet, another piece from my stash) for the new bench. I had to buy a slab of 2″ foam and some batting to create this one ($30 total). I was very careful, basting everything by hand before stitching and finger pressing seams with steam. Velvet is a challenge, but it turned out great. I’m going to leave it this way for a while and see if I really want to tuft it. I kind of like the way it looks now. These needlepoint pillows may be placeholders, eventually I’ll bet I find interesting ones at thrift stores or make them myself. I sold so many vintage needlepoint pieces at my sale last year for a few dollars–I could kick myself. I could have used those to create pillows. Which reminds me, time to take out my winter needlepoint project and get started!


2014-09-13 23.05.38

Once the cushions were done, I gardened for a few hours. It was a stunning day weather-wise–after a shocking two-day cold snap very near frost warnings! The flowers are so beautiful in their final flurry of color. Then when I went to the gym, I deadheaded their gorgeous potted snapdragons and saved the seed pods. I’ve always been a public domain dead-header/seed-saver–excellent way to keep flowers blooming and to get free zinnia, marigold, and snapdragon seeds. I am rather horrified at the way professional gardeners treat used plants and seeds. I’ve seen them throw away all kinds of mums and geraniums that could have been saved, not to mention perennials. Everything from their seasonal plantings just goes in the trash.

After lunch outside, some leftover paella that my husband labored over yesterday, we walked down our favorite wooded path nearby and rounded out the evening with Ken Burn’s new PBS series, The Roosevelts.

All simple, satisfying things–making, gardening, exercise, and food. Hope you had a splendid Sunday too!



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