The New Bench

Yup, I got it for $75.  It’s 64″ long and in perfect shape.

I looked through my fabric and found a peachy-orange velvet that I’m going to make the cushion out of. I think I’m going to make it like those tufted box cushions with tufted edges–should be a challenge in velvet. But I want it to look soft and inviting.

2014-09-06 06.40.35AND I also scored these three matching green glazed clay pots today–$23 for the lot. I haven’t cleaned them up yet. (The round one still had the price tag on the bottom from a high end nursery here–$60.)  Another Craig’s List find. They’re big and I know just where they’ll go next year. These are probably as close as I’ll ever get to Anduze pottery. I love them!

2014-09-06 07.28.56

Another Craig’s List tale. The woman I bought the pots from–who lives in a quaint Cape Cod house in the middle of the city–took me through her garage into her garden and I nearly fainted. It stretches very far back like English gardens, but is much wider than those. She has about 9 different zones, many terraced–hosta fields, a lilac nook, butterfly gardens, prairie gardens, etc. As you walk farther on you descend stone steps every once in a while. Most of the zones have focal seating areas that blend in perfectly with the settings. The bottom of the garden is more wild, complete with a fox den where she watched kits being nursed this spring! She has three gorgeous decks and a large garden shed that’s like a small version of her house. Inside were boots, hats, 100s of pots, stakes, magazines, tools, drying flowers and herbs–it was like the garden shed I’ve always dreamed of with a little bit of Beatrix Potter thrown in.

She and her husband have lived in this house 30 years and the garden has grown incrementally. The backdrop is a series of huge pines and tall bushes that create a verdant wall. You’d never know you weren’t in an arboretum rather than a typical city neighborhood. I love the experience of meeting these creative, ambitious, kind women as much as I do buying their wares.

BTW, my purchases today end my CL streak. It took a year, but the house is fully furnished. Now to the cushions!





2 thoughts on “The New Bench

  1. I adore reading about your discovering treasures. Stories like this – so much better than going into a store with a fistful of money and just buying. These are adventure purchases and they are the very best!!!

  2. You’re absolutely right–these second-hand purchases are adventures. I have not had one bad encounter and most of them have been just wonderful–like meeting new friends. I’m almost sorry to see it end. But it leaves me more time to cook the delicious recipes you’re sharing!

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