Butterfly dome

When I was about 10, mom took me to visit a great aunt. She had a big dark living room with no less than four large Victorian cloches housing stuffed birds and butterflies on branches. I was mesmerized, and since that day I’ve wanted one. So, when I looked at one of my unused cloches and wondered what to do with it–I harked back to that memory.

First I printed out two sets (one horizontally flipped) of varieties of blue butterflies from The Graphics Fairy and other sources.. I modpodged the sides together so the butterfly looked the same from both sides, and trimmed any extra white paper showing off of each side. I modpodged the two sides so the colors would pop, and when they were dry bent them into shape.

2014-08-24 02.41.04

Meanwhile, I sawed off the top of a spare styrofoam sphere I had on hand, stuck two branches in it that I picked up from our yard (judging the height and width of the cloche), and glued on Reindeer moss.

2014-08-24 02.59.34

Then I positioned the butterflies on the branches and adhered them with Tacky glue. That’s it. So simple, and I love the effect! The online butterfly and moth images are so beautiful. Soon I’m creating a moth collectors’ box, so stay tuned.

2014-08-24 06.45.40Featured on Knick of Time, 2014 best vintage roundup.

3 thoughts on “Butterfly dome

  1. Fabulous! I would kill for one of these butterfly creations. It looks like you slipped into the past and brought back this incredibly unique creation. Beautiful beautiful my dear friend Gayle.

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