Thrift finds!

What with my endless garage sales over the past year, I’m now VERY picky about what I get at thrift stores. Even if I love an item, I have to know exactly where it’s going to go before I buy it. But every once in a while, I have a great run. This week was one of those times. Here are some of my finds.

These are two large, French hunt prints from the highest end furniture store in the Twin Cities (label on the back)–$7 each!

2014-08-20 21.56.27

And I found these very realistic artificial pears, which look great in my old blue enamel French colander (I came very close to throwing it away when one of the handles broke last year).


2014-08-20 21.57.37


At the same store, I picked up this French Santon for $2.

2014-08-20 21.57.21

And finally, the cake platter/pastry dome of my dreams–all glass, perfect condition, $2.50. I’m in love. Now I have to make a cake!

2014-08-21 03.43.01


2 thoughts on “Thrift finds!

  1. And I thought I had a great thrift shop. I am coming to yours!! I love all the magical things you create Gayle. You bring joy to my day and a smile of delight with your incredible mind.

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