I love CL!

I’m still making bits of progress on the Provence room, but I’ve also turned my attention to the final room we need to furnish–the lower level. It’s been our “storeroom” for nearly a year and it’s time to change that. I’ve always envisioned this as kind of a library, because of the bookcases flanking the fireplace. What I’ve been waiting for is the anchor piece–a brown leather Chesterfield settee. (I wanted a full sized Chesterfield sofa but there’s no way something big could fit through our sliding glass doors or the stairway to the lower level.) I’ve scoured Craig’s list for months and had nearly given up hope of finding the smaller version–but last week, there it was! We picked it up today and it’s absolutely perfect for the space. Anything larger would have overwhelmed.

2014-08-16 23.42.08

So, the room is starting to shape up. You’ll notice that I’ve temporarily put a pair of French brass lily candlesticks on the hearth–I was giddy when I found those for $5 at a thrift store a couple of months ago. And the needlepoint pillows are also thrift store finds from last year.

2014-08-16 23.41.29

The windows need washing and the whole room needs cleaning and reorganizing,and art needs to be hung on the walls. but I’m already scouting a pair of Bergere chairs for in front of the bookcases. I’ve watched two fantastic pairs come and go on Craig’s list over the past few months but I didn’t want to buy them without being sure I could find the leather settee. You just have to be patient.

Another Craig’s list find this week–an outdoor wooden table to match the folding chairs I got on sale last fall at Home Depot. We’ve been storing these chairs and using the white outdoor furniture that we brought from the old house–which looked very out of place in this lakeside setting. And when I started looking for a cedar table online I got sticker shock. I found one I thought I liked but the local stores were all out of it. So, of course, I went to CL again and in three days the dream table popped up for a terrific price. It came from a wonderful English lady with a stunning garden who is moving back to England this fall. A lovely encounter. And the table looks like it was made for the chairs. So, I’m cleaning up the white furniture and listing it on CL. I love recyling!!

2014-08-16 23.44.18


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